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Our edge is in opportunistic transactions

when speed of execution and 

complex solutions are critical

Aedifex Ventures delivers outsized risk-adjusted returns by making direct investments in diverse

venture capital opportunities

We understand that no

“one-size-fits-all” approach exists when building a

lasting, profitable enterprise

As a trusted partner and confidant, we encourage the entrepreneurs in our portfolio companies to understand their unique business requirements for success and we support that vision with tailored, thoughtful and expeditious resources

Investment Size


Seed to Series A - $1M to $5M

Where there is a strategic portfolio alignment and/or  institutional sector expertise

Growth Equity - $3M to $15M

Where there is existing product traction, rapid revenue growth or opportunistic business expansion

Opportunistic - $5M to $100M

Where bespoke working capital or liquidity situations require nimble capital and operational expertise

Company Size

We invest in growing companies or disruptive technologies that have traction via revenue generation or established customers 


Primary Markets - US, Canada

Other Markets - Latin America, Asia, EMEA

Transaction Types

Adaptable capital allows us to consider control or minority investments into any stage of equity or debt

We actively seek investments in primary and secondary opportunities from Venture Funds and Limited Partners

We avoid the traditional mantras of chasing the latest “hot sector” or playing “fear of missing out”
in favor of identifying enduring technologies
and scalable revenue that leads to lasting enterprise and value creation

Industries We Serve

Emphasizing synergy within our portfolio enables us to offer operating and capital leverage by providing access to an extensive Aedifex resource network of operating partners, entrepreneurs and industry experts
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